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About PSI-Volition

PSI-Volition was formed in November 2017 through the merger of Volition (the mental health forum) and the Physical and Sensory Impairment (PSI) Network. Through PSI-Volition we support third sector organisations that work to improve the lives of disabled people with physical and sensory impairments in Leeds.

We promote the social model of disability, and the inclusion, independence and equality of disabled people.



There are almost 130 PSI-Volition member organisations with around 50 that have a focus on physical and sensory impairment.

Members are:

  • Third sector organisations
  • Based in or working in Leeds
  • Working with or supporting disabled people with physical and sensory impairments

Physical and sensory impairments include, for example: mobility impairments, long term physical conditions, hearing and visual impairments.

To find out more about our members please search the Forum Central members directory or download the list of PSI-Volition members (pdf, 212KB, updated July 2018).

For more information on joining please contact us.

The PSI Network was hosted by Voluntary Action Leeds for many years. In March 2016, the Network became independent and registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). In November 2017 the PSI Network formally merged with Volition to form PSI-Volition.

Our member organisations are involved in everything that we do. They are a mixture of:

  • Groups and organisations run by and controlled by disabled people
  • Organisations commissioned or funded to provide services for disabled people, including support to live independently, housing or employment support
  • Local groups which run social and other activities
  • Local support groups that are part of large, national charities for people with specific impairments or conditions
  • Disability sport organisations
  • Third sector organisations that support a range of people or communities, and which have specific regard for people with physical and sensory impairments

We work to ensure that our members are involved in strategic planning and development of services for disabled people.

We encourage partnership between agencies and across sectors, and provide information to third sector organisations to support them in delivering high quality services.

We hold networking events, run consultations, and communicate local and national news amongst our members.

Physical & Sensory Impairment News & Events


The PSI Network CIO works to ensure that third sector disability organisations are involved, along with the rest of the health and care sector, in major strategic developments that go beyond our specialist areas. It’s important that disability organisations have a voice in this work. And of course we take up opportunities to represent the sector at boards and working groups about issues that affect disabled people, such as transport and employment.

Better Lives Board

Oversees and provides leadership for implementation of Adult Social Care’s Better Lives Programme.

Third sector representatives:
Phil Gleeson, Leeds Involving People and one of the PSI-Volition trustees, co-chairs this Board along with a councillor.

Ordinary Lives Project Board

Lucy Graham – Forum Central attends this board.

Strategic Information

Ordinary Lives, a new project, led by Adult Social Care, around housing / independent living with the vision:

Everyone with impairment or support needs is able to live in an ordinary home and receive the support they need to live independent, meaningful and purposeful lives.

The aspiration of the project is to offer an alternative to residential care, instead using community based ordinary living options that give greater choice, control, independence and social inclusion.

Improving Lives, the work, health and disability green paper sets out proposals to halve the disability employment gap.

These include:

  • Partnership roles for third sector organisations in supporting disabled people and people with health conditions into work
  • Changes to the Work Capability Assessment
  • Support for employers
  • Timely and personalised access to employment and health services
  • Integrating the health and social care and welfare systems

The consultation on this green paper closed on 17 February 2017.

Contact Us

Lucy Graham

PSI-Volition, Development Worker

Lucy brings a variety of experience to the role of Development Worker, having worked and volunteered in numerous third sector organisations big and small, both locally and in her native Northern Ireland. Most recently, she lead a team in a start-up social enterprise, focusing on providing sustainable employment for people with mental health difficulties.

With a degree in Law and MSc in Psychology, Lucy feels strongly about human rights, equality and inclusion, and is passionate about better mental health for all.

Outside of work, Lucy enjoys exploring Leeds’ diverse culinary offerings – as with many adopted Yorkshire folk, she has a particular soft spot for a good pie!