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Forum Central is a collective voice for the health and care third sector. We work to make sure our sector is involved and has influence in the overall strategic planning for health and care in Leeds.

The Forum Central service is delivered by the partnership of:

  • Leeds Older People’s Forum
  • Tenfold (the Learning Disabilities Forum) and
  • PSI-Volition (Mental Health and Physical and Sensory Impairment Forum)

Together we have built on well-established working relationships with our key partners and we continue to develop new links and relationships with health and care partners across Leeds.

A focus of our health and care work is to showcase the activities of the third sector by:

  • Helping others understand the impact and breadth of the sector
  • Highlighting what the sector could contribute to new health and care landscapes

To spearhead this work we have developed a Health and Care Leaders Network. This is an ever growing network of passionate and influential third sector leaders in Leeds working around health and care.

Health and Care Leaders Network

Network Meetings

Meetings are held quarterly – for planned dates please check the events page or search the website for ‘Leaders Network’


  • Launched Summer 2016
  • Comprised of leaders (Chief Executives and senior managers), who represent Forum Central member organisations, delivering Health and Social Care Services Leeds
  • Meets approx every 8 weeks in an accessible venue


  • Identifying, sharing and promoting good practice across the third sector
  • Making strong and positive connections across all sectors to encourage sharing of ideas, views and understanding
  • Providing a safe space where leaders can meet to challenge the way in which services are delivered and explore new and collaborative delivery options
  • Providing the latest information on emerging local and national health and social care agendas and issues, including policy briefings and guest speakers
  • Being responsive to leaders’ needs
  • Developing an atmosphere of trust, respect and mutuality

The network has grown to nearly 90 members since its inception.

Work so far

The leaders have been heavily involved in the development of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). They are engaging with the Digital Practitioners Programme and Asset Based Community Development.

The most recent meeting was on 28 June 2019. There were updates on regional and local strategic health and how the third sector can best ensure engagement and sharing of information. Network members can download the PowerPoint presentations from this meeting here:

Joining the network

To find out more about membership of the network, contact us on

Download the latest membership list (pdf)


A key role for Forum Central is to recruit and support its members to be representatives on various health and care strategic groups in the city.

Health and Wellbeing Board

This is the partnership board in the city that oversees the strategic vision and delivery of health and care in Leeds.
The third sector representative is: Alison Lowe, Chief Executive, Touchstone.

Community Providers Network

This Network is chaired by Thea Stein, the Chief Executive of Leeds Community Healthcare. The group brings together all the main community-based providers. They work together and develop new and potential ways of working, especially in light of the Five Year Forward View.

There are two third sector representatives

Workforce development

There are a number of groups in the city looking at what an effective health and care workforce of the future needs to look like. Part of their work is to look at:

  • How we support people to “work with” people in a different way
  • How we address shortfalls in being able to recruit to roles

We have recruited these third sector representatives to the groups:

Tina Turnbull, CEO, People Matters
Andy Rawnsley, CEO, Aspire
Jane Li, CEO, Home-Start Leeds
Andrew McDermott, Service Development Manager, Leeds CIL

Data & Digital

Data and Digital are described as two of the big ways that health and care systems can work more effectively together, as well as work in a different way with people. Forum Central is influencing this area from a health and care third sector perspective.

Third Sector Reps

Download the current list of third sector reps here



  • Leeds and York NHS Partnership Foundation Trust

    Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) provides specialist mental health and learning disability services in Leeds and across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

  • Advonet

    Advonet provides and supports advocacy in Leeds. Their ambition is to ensure everyone gets their needs heard and rights respected.

  • Leeds Autism AIM

    Leeds Autism AIM is a free service for autistic adults in Leeds.

  • Doing Good Leeds

    Doing Good Leeds is the website for the third sector in Leeds managed by Voluntary Action Leeds.

  • Healthwatch Leeds

    Healthwatch Leeds helps people get the best out of their local health and care services by bringing their voice to those who plan and deliver services in Leeds.

  • Leeds City Council | Adult Social Care

    Information about the local authority provision for Adults and Health.

Contact Us

Pip Goff

Pip is the Third Sector and Community Local Care Partnerships (LCP) Development Manager

Pip Goff joined Forum Central in May 2019 as Third Sector and Community Local Care Partnerships (LCP) Development Manager to ensure that the third sector is fully engaged and represented in LCPs in order to reshape future health and care provision in Leeds.

She is based in the new citywide LCP Development Team, alongside a team of colleagues providing a support and resources to help LCPs develop as well and as quickly as possible.

Pip brings to the role extensive experience of partnership working and third sector innovation; a strong understanding of funding and how the sector can capture and articulate health outcomes and demonstrate social value; and a passion for addressing health inequalities.

A frequent cyclist, Pip would love to see improvements to Leeds’ transport so more people can live healthier lives and enjoys any excuse to be outside.